Friday, November 18, 2005


Ok, the first cemetery we visited the night of Nov 16th 2005 A.D. was Memorial, and i honestly believe this was a beautiful cemetery during it's prime. Most of the graves were made of cement and had places to place candles and even grow flowers or a little garden on top of their loved one. Unfortunatly, this Garden of Loved ones was way passed it's prime and very neglected. All of the graves were falling apart. The headstones were cracked or completely removed, and at times there was a sense of unrest. There were two photos in particular where we felt that way. Ann and I took photos of almost the same place and when we loaded them onto the computer, we found countless orbs (Orbgy as i call it). All in all this was a sad looking cemetery, but it ranks high on the creep-o-meter (which i like). This was a good find.


Last night Ann rented a room at the historic Tremont Hotel and we decided to investigate this place also because we heard it was haunted as well. So Ann, Conrad and I went venturing through the whole place and it felt nothing like the Galvez. Not heavy at all. I got a few pics of orbs and one apparition of a male outside of the hotel. Nothing too interesting this night, but it was a beautiful place none the less. I'll post photos... Maybe.



So we were @ the Galvez November 9th and this place was so amazing. Beautiful and very very old. There was a heavy feeling in this old place as soon as I got inside, but when we got to the 5th floor, the mood got darker. The batteries in my camera started dying after 4 pictures and I kept putting new ones in and got the same results. This happened for about 45 mins, and then the batteries would last a bit longer. That was certainly the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. Ann's batteries didn't last too much longer than mine either. We got some interesting photos and heard lots of doors slam which is very strange coz we were the only people on room 5 since they were doing remodeling. Ann's mother heard laughter of children in the bathroom and I felt dread looking into the mirror (and it wasn't coz of my reflection! Ha ha). Lots of orb photos, a nun, and a young boy. All in all it was a very productive night. I'll post some photos soon... Maybe.


Thursday, November 17, 2005